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Your Personalized Stamp - Not only for Return Addresses!

If you already have a return address stamp or are just looking for something different... 
There are many ways you can personalize our stamps! Let your imagination run wild! Here are some alternative personalization options:

  1. Classic Return Address Stamp
  2. Return Address and surname only, remove initial
  3. "From the Desk of" plus your full name. This is a great option if you'd like to DIY a notepad/letterhead/etc.
  4. "From the Home of" plus family names, remove surname. Great for gift tags, DIY stationery, sticker seal, etc.

PSA Essentials Personalized Return Address Stamp Wallace          PSA Essentials Personalized Return Address Stamp Wallace
PSA Essentials Personalized Custom Stamp From the Desk of           PSA Essentials Personalized Stamp Custom From the Home of
All 4 options are also great way to add a personalized touch to your envelopes. If you are adding a stamp without your address, don't forget you will still need your return address!

PSA Essentials Personalized Return Address Stamp Wallce on envelope and notecard
Another option... Remove the outer ring & change the ink color to make simple, yet beautiful DIY stationery!

And while we are at it... here is a quick tip!
Apostrophe or not to apostrophe, that is the question!

Apostrophes imply possession, and that is not the goal. You are just making your (or your recipients) name plural.

Exceptions: There are a few exceptions, however, which is where things can get confusing:

If the name ends in s, z, ch, or sh, you need to add es. That means the Davis family becomes the Davises, the French family becomes the Frenches, the Hernandez family becomes the Hernandezes, and the Glaves family becomes the Glaveses.

If the name ends in x, also add es—unless the x is silent. In that case, simply add an s. So the Felix family becomes the Felixes, and the Bordeaux family becomes the Bordeauxs.
When to add an apostrophe on a proper noun like a name or surname

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