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The exchange of recipes is a treasured ritual, one that transcends generations and strengthens the bonds between those who partake. From the secret cranberry sauce that has been handed down for decades to the innovative twists on classic mashed potatoes, each recipe carries a story, a piece of family lore. The act of sharing these culinary creations is an act of trust, an acknowledgment that in this kitchen, traditions old and new find their place. As recipes change hands, they undergo a subtle transformation, a reflection of the unique tastes and preferences that define each cook. This exchange breathes new life into the dishes, ensuring that they continue to evolve and adapt to the changing palates of those they nourish.

The first time I ever made an apple pie from scratch, I looked to my dad for guidance. He handed me one of his all-time favorite cookbooks, Joy of Cooking, and told me I would be more than happy with the outcome of the apple pie recipe located on page 600 (I also made the crust from page 590). Well, he was right! My apple pie came out perfect and delicious! Since then, my pie-making skills have become the stuff of legends! I enjoy getting creative with the crust and enjoy trying new and different ideas for baking that special holiday treat! I'll leave the apple pie at the end of this blog and please feel free to comment and share your favorite holiday dishes in the comments!

And of course, I have to point out this adorable book plate that was in the book. I typically will add my own book plate, but I really like this one, and I love that someone else seemed to love this book as much as I'm going to love it. I got this book at an estate sale, I do not know who Frances Beverly is, but I intend to cherish this book and hopefully pass it down to a family member that will love it as much as I will.

We have several options for book plate stamps available... BUT... any of our designs can be used for a book plate stamp!

Thanks for reading! Till next time, happy cooking, happy stamping, happy reading!


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