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Celebrate World Ampersand Day with us!

Happy Halloween Card with PSA Rockwell Design stamp on envelope
On September 8th, we celebrate World Ampersand Day! This unique day calls for you to commemorate it by ordering a personalized stamp adorned with the elegant ampersand symbol. You'll find that ampersands are available in most of the fonts we use in our designs, allowing you to unleash your creativity & make your stamp truly your own.

An intriguing historical tidbit: Did you know that the ampersand was once assigned the honor of being the final character in the alphabet? However, times have changed, & you won't stumble upon any words today that incorporate the ampersand character. This delightful occasion was inaugurated in 2015 by Chaz DeSimone, the visionary behind Amper Art (def worth checking out). Whether its inception was rooted in promoting his business or not, the day has evolved into a delightful celebration for everyone to enjoy. It's a golden opportunity to experiment with the ampersand character, integrating it inventively & frequently into your expressions.

So, let your creative spirit run wild! Embrace the ampersand & infuse it into your expressions. Celebrate World Ampersand Day to the fullest by integrating this symbol into your communication and relish the opportunity to do so.

PSA essentials Penelope stamp on back of envelope

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