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Cipher Deluxe Return Addess Stamp

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When you want your personalized return address stamp to express true class, it's hard to beat the Cipher Deluxe Design. With a stylized monogram in the center and a ring of return address information surrounding it, you're sure to draw attention to every piece of correspondence you send.

This design is also available as just the monogram, click here to take a peek.

A black ink pad works very well with this particular customized stamp, but there's nothing saying you can't make it even more customized with your favorite colors, each of which works perfectly with our round stampers. Find the perfect option right here.

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Stamp Options

Self Linking Stamp

  • Includes black ink cartridge

Stamp Die

  • Replacement rubber/polymer stamp piece.
  • If you have a change of address or just want a new design.

Hand Stamp

  • Includes black ink
  • Round & rectangle stamp designs work with Hand Stamp.

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